Product Questions

All of our products except for our retractable banners have custom size options.  Select “Custom Size” on the product you are looking for and you will be able to type in your custom size.

For our Standard Vinyl Banners, we have four (4) material options available.
Our most popular 13 oz vinyl is sturdy and lightweight and works well for most indoor and outdoor banners. Our new 15 oz vinyl is a little heavier and has a tighter weave of the reinforcing fibers giving a smoother look and will last longer than our 13 oz vinyl. Our 18 oz vinyl is thick and extra tough for heavier duty applications. Our Mesh vinyl banner is strong and light with ventilated flexibility.

Backdrop and Fabric Banners
We use a 9mil wrinkle resistance polyester fabric on our backdrop and fabric banners. It is machine washable and folds nicely for storage or transportation.

For yard signs, we have two (2) options available.
Our standard 4Mil fluted coroplast is the most common and we also offer a heavy duty 10Mil.

We offer two (2) options for Poster printing.
We have 200 GSM paper posters which are suited for indoor and smooth 300 GSM vinyl posters which are suited for outdoor application.

All of our material is white, and we can print any color you like for the background. It all depends on the design you choose.

Due to different screens being calibrated differently, the printed product may look different than what was displayed on your screen.

Our ink is UV resistant for up to 3 years.Our vinyl material is outdoor durable for 1-3 years.

Our retractable banners include everything you need to display your banner. Our yard signs have optional H Stakes that you can select while building your product. We do not offer any hardware for our banners, but if you need help sourcing frames let us know and we will try to help.

Additional fuel, packaging and transportation costs to recycle banners in one central location would outweigh the benefit of recycling and extra carbon usage. We suggest that you donate the banner to a school or art or drama program where they can be used as canvases for future projects. There are also people that use the material for custom crafted items like bags and purses and you might connect with them on apps like Facebook or offerup.

We will correct any errors we make in print size, product cutting, material damage, print image shift, printing delays and lost or damaged packages. Please notify us within 5 business days of receiving your order.

Design & File Questions

After selecting your product and choosing the "UPLOAD OR EMAIL YOUR PRINT READY FILE" button you will choose the button I WILL EMAIL PRINT READY FILES on the following page.

Please keep in mind we need PDF or JPG files scaled to 150 DPI at final size, you should not send PSD files or 300 DPI files.

Please see the image below.


Once you complete checkout you will recieve an email from us asking you to reply with your files. If your files are too large to email you may send us a link to your files instead of the actual file.

For Google Drive (and DROPBOX), please email us a link to your file from the GET LINK or GENERAL ACCESS areas as seen in the image below. Please do not add our email address as someone with "Access" to your file.

Google Drive





If you do not have Google Drive or Dropbox you may send your file using the same method with most other mail services or you may use You do not need an account to use simply click on I JUST WANT TO SEND FILES as seen in the image below.


Enter our email and order number in the form when prompted and attach and send your files.


Click TRANSFER and you are finished!

The size of the font depends on the design choices and size of your product. For example, if your banner is 3 feet tall and the text is about 1/3 of the height you see on your screen, then the text is about 1 foot tall.

We print in CMYK while monitors produce color in RGB. Because of this difference we cannot gaurentee the colors will look 100% the same on your screen as on the printed product.


You should send us your files in CMYK mode since it's the mode used for color printing. If you send us a RGB file, there'll be a color shift when it's converted to CMYK and the printed work is going to look different to the one you sent.

The reason this color shift occurs, is because the RGB color scheme has a greater range of colors than CMYK, allowing it to produce more vibrant colors. Printing colors produced in RGB mode will come out darker and duller than they seem on the monitor. However, because of the greater range of colors RGB mode has, files shown in CMYK mode will always show up accurately on screen.




Here are some examples of how the conversion from RGB to CMYK can affect your images.




To get a better representation of how your final print will look, choose CMYK when creating a new file. Keep in mind, however, that an uncalibrated monitor may not match the finished print.

RGB (red, green, blue) is an additive color spectrum that represents the emittance of light, and when all the primary colors are combined, they form white. Computer monitors and other displays, use the emittance of light to create colors, and therefore, use the RGB mode. However, in printing, inks don’t work the same way. Since they don’t emit light. they use another colorspace to create colors. This new colorspace is the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). The CMYK colorspace represents absorption of light and when all the primary colors are combined, they form black.

Due to these differences, it is impossible for certain colors on a screen to be printed, since the CMYK colorspace does not include all the colors within the RGB spectrum. However, you can properly display the CMYK colorspace on a screen, since the RGB colorspace covers it completely.



In this page, we'll tell you about a color shift thay may happen with the color blue and why there's a reason not to design for print in RGB. The range of colors that can be reproduced in CMYK mode is considerably smaller than the RGB range of colors reproducible on a standard monitor, so when the file it's converted to CMYK for printing, the colors will shift and lose vividness.


For example, most bright blues in RGB will turn purple when converted to CMYK because they're outside the range of CMYK colors.

Rather than trying to match that same bright blue, here are some blue mixes that you could use instead.



One way to avoid this color shift is not to use colors that show the gamut warning in the color picker since that means that the color is out of the CMYK range and will shift when it prints. If you click the warning icon, Photoshop will choose the closest achievable CMYK color.



Blue and purple are really close in the CMYK spectrum, so if you want to avoid your blue turning into purple always use a low amount of magenta and a high amount of cyan, make sure to leave at minimun of 25% difference in your Cyan and Magenta values. 

There are two types of black ink used in printing: standard black and rich black.

The standard black doesn't produce a really deep black color. If used in larger surfaces, they look a bit grayish. Professional designers mix other printing inks with the black ink to get what is called rich or deep black. We recommend a mixture of C=60 M=40 Y=40 K=100 (240% ink Coverage).



We avoid using Photoshop's black value (C=75 M=68 Y=67 K=90) since it goes above the maximun ink coverage of 240% resulting in a muddy looking black when printed.



When to use them

Standard black should be used for text and small areas to avoid overlapping colors. Rich black should be used for larger areas to get a darker black color.


If you have a heavy, dark, solid black bleed on 3 or 4 sides, please try to reduce the mix to 20/10/10/100 so there is less ink on the overall print job.

The back side should point opposite of the front. If the front points right then the back should point left.

The higher resolution, the better! If you aren’t sure between two files, the larger file size is probably the safer choice. We support PDF, JPG’s, JPEGs, and PNG’s. Files should be in CMYK color mode. Images that are oversaturated, meaning they contain for than 250% total percentages of CMYK may print with unexpected results. Avoid using Photoshop's black value (C=75 M=68 Y=67 K=90) since it goes above the maximum ink coverage of 240% resulting in a muddy looking black when printed.

If you have professional vector files these will give you the best image. We support SVG and PDF vector files. If you do not have access to these file types then GIF or PNG will give you the next best quality when provided at final size and at a minimum of 150 DPI.

We recommend checking with your internal graphic design department to check if there is one on file. You can also check and view a range of graphic designers that can create a logo for you for a reasonable cost. 

Our online designer will tell you! Just upload the image and it will display “High”, “Medium”, or “Low” Quality.

Most online images are low resolution and not suitable for printing. If you are using the Google Search Engine, you can filter to large file sizes by clicking on “Show Options” and selecting large. We do offer a wide variety of imagery in our online designer as well. There are also free stock image sites that can be useful. Vector cliparts in the file format SVG are also compatible with our designer and can be found by clicking here.

If you have already uploaded your design and clicked continue, you can proceed to the final page of your cart and from there click EDIT on your design. There is also a DELETE button. If you are in the checkout process as a guest, you will need to add your address info to get to the final page.

Placing an Order

Once the order has been submitted you will receive an email confirmation listing your final order details along with a link to your order online.

Be sure to check your junk email folder. You can also double check by logging in online and clicking “My Account” to view your orders.

In order to have the quickest production times possible we move orders forward within 15 minutes of receipt. If you have just placed your order and want to check if changing is possible please call us immediately at 888.758.7260.


We offer flat rate shipping based on weight to the US 48 Continental States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada. You will see these rates below the pricing calculator on the product page and again before completeing your order in the checkout process.

Below is an example of the rates. Please Note: The first two options are for the 48 Continental United States ONLY! You may request a quote to any other country by contacting us.

Shipping Rates

If your package is broken open or crushed, imediately open the package and inspect your banner for damage. If you find tears or other serious damages you can refuse delivery and we will ship you a new banner right away. Take a picture of the package and the damage and email us at

Sometimes you may find wrinkles on the corners or edges of your banner, especially on clean cut banners,  that are easily removed with a blow-dryer or warm steam iron. Because this is easliy fixed we do not reprint banners because of wrinkles.

You select the printing time as you build your product! Order must be placed by 10 AM for that day to count as a production day.

Your shipping method selection decides on how soon you receive your order. Ground shipping typically takes between 3-5 business days but we have a guaranteed Next Day Shipping option for faster delivery. Flat Rate shipping is for the US only.

You can check your order status and tracking details by clicking the link in your confirmation email or logging into your account and viewing your order details.

We ship large trailers of packages at one time. Sometimes the tracking details do not update until the shipping company makes their first scan, sometimes up to 12 hours after we ship. If you recieved a shipping notice but the tracking has not updated, please check back later in the evening for an update. If your tracking number still has not updated by the following morning, call us at 888.758.7260

Billing/Account Information

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also offer PayPal Checkout.

We offer refunds for returned products that have a manufacturing defect. Please view ourTerms and Conditions.

We offer specials and discounts in our VIP Club and on Social media. Follow us @2DayBanners


SMALL vinyl banners DO NOT print at high resolution! For regular photo frames choose our photo quality paper prints found   here